The unique setting of Hotel Alahuar has created an interest by mountain lovers and nature activity fans. Also, there are innumerable companies, clubs and organisations that opt to celebrate events in our picturesque halls. They are ideal for seminars, show rooms, coaching sessions, team building activities, art exhibitions amongst others.

Nuestras Recomendaciones

Living Room Mirall

Capacity for 50 people if you opt for a cinema setting. Or, 25 people if you require a layout in the shape of a U.

Optimal For

Due to its many arrangement possibilities, the hall is ideal for seminars, art exhibitions, training for companies or coaching sessions.

Bodega Hall

Capacity for 30 people if you opt for a cinema setting. Or, 15 people if you require a layout in the shape of a U.

The space features 39,90 square metres. It´s dimensions are 7,00m x 5,70m.

The salón bodega it´s perfect to celebrate events in a warm and cosy atmosphere, with the crackling logs as your background music.

Optimal For

The hall is ideal for team building activities, product show-rooms, coaching sessions or a dinner with friends and family.
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