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If you are thinking of coming to el Vall de Laguar, surely you want to live new experiences. But, if your think that an escape to the Valley is only hiking, relaxing and tasting the local gastronomy, you are wrong. We want to ad to your experience with us a little touch of adrenaline. This helicopter tour is the perfect plan to enjoy with your partner and take the best memories with you. Let your imagination fly!

Nuestras Recomendaciones

Helicopter Option 1

Having lunch at Hotel Alahuar in el Vall de Laguar.

Departing from Benidorm, the journey will take 7-10 minutes, your will enjoy unique views. Landing will be in our garden, once you get off the helicopter you will realise that, now, you belong to what you saw from the air.

Cost: 450€ (3 people = 150€ each). Lunch not included.

Helicopter Option 2

Weekend escape to el Hotel Alahuar; departing on Friday from Benidorm, during the flight you could get an idea of what is waiting for you at your arrival. On Sunday, we will pick you up to fly back to Benidorm.

Cost: 590,00€ (3 people = 197€ each). Accommodation not included.

Pilot Marc Hevesi Fuster from HELIACTIVO, is a Benidorm resident and has extensive experience flying over the area. He knows by heart every corner of the Levantine Coast, making him the perfect candidate to enjoy this unforgettable experience.

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